Age: 18 
Region of Origin: Kalos 
Town of Origin: Lumiose 

Starting Appearance: Aly is originally a 'girl next door' type of trainer, with brown hair tied into a ponytail, and brown eyes. She wears a simple tshirt and shorts, and a well-worn pair of sneakers. 

Corruption: Short white claws on her fingers and toes. Slight muzzle with sharp teeth, pointed ears, and orange eyes. 

* Fenne (Fennekin) F, lvl 9, Scratch/Tail Whip/Ember 
* Hircine (Skiddo) M, lvl 7, Tackle/Growth/Vine Whip 

* 20x Potion 
* 10x Antidote 
* 10x Paralyze Heal 
* 1x Pokemon Grooming Kit (mid-range, for furred pokemon) 
* P$0 


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